O&A started as a small screen printing and tape distro circa 1993 in the mountains of Colorado and has remained steadfast in the punk/hardcore community operating as a label, distro, forum and show promotions.

The online community began in 2010 as a forum after the demise of the old Profane Existence board. Now with the steady pace of technology, it’s now buidling into a more personal and engaging platform where the community can exchange ideas, discuss the world at large or help promote the message through the music and its ethos.

The decision to move onto a more social media format is based on the community of people and having an alternative to the status quo when it  comes to networking. This site is a place to exchange information, resources and anything related to the world of punk and hardcore. The world of social media has become saturated with devisive rhetoric, consumer garbage and blatant hatred. O&A is the antithesis of what that worlds offers. Simply put, live by the golden rule, live in a community of clear dialogue and strengthen the idea that we all work together, be it rage or love.

This is a venture funded by a single source and will keep it running as long as the ability to work is there. Donations are always helpful as the cost to host, subscribe and maintain the site becomes increasing expensive. 

Cheers and stay aware.